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Orchestra Fellowship - All

New World Symphony

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January 1, 2025

Orchestra Fellowship - All

Fellowship Overview
Since its founding in 1987 by co-founder and Artistic Director Laureate Michael Tilson Thomas, the New World Symphony, America’s Orchestral Academy, has gained an international reputation for the quality and style of its multifaceted performances. NWS regularly performs to sold-out halls and its fellowship program consists of an in-depth course of performance and instructional activities designed to expand the musical and professional horizons of NWS Fellows. NWS is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music.

The New World Symphony divides its curriculum into three distinct areas:

Performance and Musicianship

Community and Audience Engagement

Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Elements of equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging (EDIB), technology and wellness are implemented throughout these core areas. Throughout each season, NWS offers a series of visiting faculty, coaches, and workshops in each of the above areas.

Performance and Musicianship
Invitations to join the NWS program as a Fellow are extended on a season-by-season basis for up to three seasons, at the sole discretion of NWS and with the understanding that a Fellow’s participation in the program is subject to ongoing review by designated members of the Musician Advancement department. Advance preparation of individual parts is critical to the efficiency of the rehearsal process and to the overall morale of the orchestra. Good preparation will ensure that the highest artistic level can be reached in public performances.

Community and Audience Engagement
The New World Symphony provides a comprehensive array of Community Engagement (CE) programs, which include group instruction to students in Miami-Dade public schools, interactive chamber music presentations to audiences of all ages, online mentorship and coaching, and participation in numerous collaborative student ensembles. These programs help Fellows improve their public speaking and teaching skills, while also providing profound services to the greater South Florida community and beyond. NWS is dedicated to helping Fellows expand their horizons, expand their humanity, and participate without reservation.

Leadership and Entrepreneurship: NWS BLUE
BLUE, which stands for Build, Learn, Understand and Experiment, is a combination of leadership training and hands-on experimentation that is intended to give Fellows a comprehensive entrepreneurial skill set alongside the artistic training and experience at New World Symphony. NWS has created a series of seminars and workshops designed to provide the basics of the music business taught by experts from the field. Funding is available to support Fellows-driven NWS BLUE concerts and projects allowing for the application of the skills learned.

NWS fellowships are awarded on a season-by-season basis for up to three years at the discretion of NWS.

Each NWS fellowship includes:

Fellowship Stipend

While attending NWS, Fellows receive a living allowance, referred to as a stipend, whenever NWS is in session (unless the Fellow has been given time off without stipend, as per the time-off policy explained in the handbook). The stipend is intended to cover basic living expenses (e.g., groceries, telephone service, optional low-cost health insurance, audition-related travel, instrument maintenance, limited entertainment and other travel and other incidental expenses), aside from NWS-provided housing.

Fellowship Housing

The New World Symphony owns and operates a housing site, which was renovated for use as residence facilities by NWS Fellows. A furnished apartment (with central air-conditioning, private bathroom and kitchen facilities) in this complex is provided to each Fellow. NWS’s housing site is administered by the Vice President of Facilities Operations and maintained by the Facilities Director along with members of the housing and facilities staff.

Travel Grant

Early in the season new NWS Fellows will receive a one-time travel grant which is intended to assist new Fellows with their re-location expenses.

Instrument Insurance

NWS covers the cost to insure each Fellow’s primary instrument. Fellows may purchase coverage through NWS’s policy for additional instruments for a cost of $35 per instrument or bow.

Wellness Support/Health and Welfare

NWS strives to apprize Fellows of health and safety issues, hazards and procedures inherent in practice, performance, teaching and listening both in general and as applicable to their specific specializations. This guidance includes but is not limited to information regarding hearing, vocal and musculoskeletal health and injury prevention, and the use, proper handling and operation of potentially dangerous materials, equipment and technology. NWS curriculum, policies, protocols and operations reflect attention to injury prevention and to the relationships among musicians’ health, the fitness and safety of equipment and technology, and the acoustic and other health-related conditions in practice, rehearsal and performance facilities.

Instrument Loans

NWS has a limited pool of funds available to extend low-interest loans to Fellows for the purchase of new instruments.

Time-Off Policy

Fellows are required to be in Miami Beach and available to participate in NWS-related activities whenever the NWS program is in session unless time-off has been requested and approved. Fellows are required to comply with the formal request and approval procedure for all absences irrespective of the schedule, instrumentation requirements and/or seating assignments for any given period. It is recognized and expected that NWS Fellows periodically need time off to take auditions and to participate in other activities intended to enhance their professional development.

Audio/Video Fellowship and Library Fellowship
In conjunction with its musician training program, the New World Symphony offers programs for an audio/video Fellow and an orchestra librarian Fellow. These programs offer extensive hands-on experience in each of their chosen professions. Fellows work with Stéphane Denève, NWS staff and noted professionals in these fields to develop their skills and are invited to participate on a season-by-season basis. For detailed information on the application process, please visit our admission page or email

Conducting Fellowship
The New World Symphony offers a conducting fellowship on a season-by-season basis to highly qualified conductors who have finished at least a bachelor’s degree and are not currently enrolled in a degree program. The Conducting Fellow works with Stéphane Denève and many visiting guest conductors and leads the New World Symphony in several of the season’s concerts and reading sessions. For detailed information on the application process, please visit our admission page or email

Piano Fellowship
Each season, the New World Symphony offers performance and study opportunities to two Piano Fellows which include orchestral and chamber music performances, touring, recordings and collaborative and solo playing opportunities. In addition, pianists receive lessons from visiting soloists and accompany master classes given by distinguished instrumentalists who work with NWS throughout the season. The application procedure for piano fellowships is the same as all orchestral instruments and is detailed on the our admission page.

500 17th Street
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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