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Ever think, "How did they get that job!?" or "Why didn't I hear about that audition!?" If you're not spending your life on social media, it can be hard to keep up with all the possible opportunities floating around out there.  The opportunities on MusicAuditions are all real.  They have been vetted. These employers are out there looking for you, just like you're looking for them.  Join our free community and receive our weekly updates.  Help your friends stay in the know too by sharing and posting to your network. Be the person someone has to thank for letting them know about an audition they got the job for! 


I'm an actual working professional musician and college professor. My students include Grammy winning vocalist Samara Joy and many other successful working vocalists.  I've helped dozens of musicians graduate every year into a difficult field. 


As I was coming up, my work on cruise ships, in hotel lounges and in military bands helped shape my music and give me a better financial future. 


I've created this space to help musicians and vocalists find long and mid term jobs that will help them achieve their financial goals and get much needed performance experience. 

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