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Meet Up

Every month we gather online in zoom to talk with a different expert in our business about career opportunities or a topic of career development. It's a free fun space to meet your peers and experts in the field. 

Past Monthly Meet Ups

April 2024 Meet Up

April 2024 Meet Up

This month we talked to Katherine McVicker and her team at Music Works International about strategies for booking yourself and succeeding in your career. Their new book and course Anyone Can Book a Gig is available now! Katherine is a well-established professional in the music industry. In 2002, she launched the European touring career of Norah Jones and spent seven years developing Jones’ profile internationally. After three decades in the music industry as an agent developing the touring careers for dozens of internationally renowned jazz and world artists alive today, Katherine founded boutique agency Music Works International (MWI) in 2014. Today, MWI books over 500 performances each year worldwide and represents over 30 of the top jazz, Americana, and world music artists performing today. During the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown, Katherine started to develop a course for musicians and those struggling to book shows. The aptly named, "Anyone Can Book a Gig" is a self-managed online course with the goal to give artists the no-fluff tools and strategies they need to successfully book shows at any stage of their career. For more information on this course, you can visit Katherine is also active in the international cultural community as an organizer of arts networks in Africa (CCA, soon to be renamed ACC: and in Latin America (CCLA: Both networks share the mission of connecting cultural stakeholders to each other for professional development and mentorship, to create and support educational initiatives, to facilitate cultural exchange and to support economic development through the cultural arts.
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