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Trombone, President's Own, USMC

The President's Own: US Marine Band

Materials Due By:

August 15, 2024

Trombone, President's Own, USMC

Lieutenant Colonel Ryan Nowlin, Director
Auditions for Trombone will be held on Monday, August 19, 2024 at the Marine Barracks Annex, 1053 7th Street, SE in Washington,
DC. If not completed on Monday, auditions will continue on Tuesday, August 20. Applicants should therefore be available to perform
on both days.
A completed Applicant Fact Sheet and résumé must be submitted by Thursday, August 15. Confirmed applicants will be placed on the
audition list upon the Marine Band’s receipt of these items, and they will receive an e-mail confirmation listing a designated registration
time. No specific audition times will be assigned; musicians will be heard in the order in which they appear and register. The audition
committee reserves the right to dismiss any candidate not meeting the highest professional standards.
“The President’s Own” United States Marine Band is America’s oldest continuously active professional musical organization. Its
mission is unique: to provide music for the President of the United States and the Commandant of the Marine Corps. Marine Band
musicians perform frequently at the White House in small ensembles, chamber orchestra, concert band, and as soloists. The Marine
Band performs for a wide variety of commitments, to include public concerts, recording sessions, tours, chamber music recitals, military
ceremonies, and state functions.
Today’s Marine Band is composed of roughly 170 of the nation’s finest musicians and support staff. Those selected for the United States
Marine Band and Marine Chamber Orchestra are exempt from recruit training and are appointed to the rank of Staff Sergeant (E-6)
under a contract “for duty with the United States Marine Band only.” The winner of the audition will receive instructions regarding
enlistment procedures.

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